About Us

Like an old truck barreling across the American West, The Mercy Kit plays a rugged brand of original Americana music. Rooted in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Mercy Kit blends outlaw country, classic rock, and desert folk to create evocative stories and indelible snapshots. In 2020, they released One Big Soul, a full-band album of original music.

Formed in 2014, The Mercy Kit has played in venues throughout the Bay Area (and sometimes beyond). With Matt Heller on vocals and rhythm guitar, Kevin McCarthy on lead guitar and vocals, and Jennifer Choi on vocals, The Mercy Kit currently performs as an acoustic trio. Live, the band combines gritty songwriting with three-part harmonies, mixing their original material with an eclectic array of cover songs from Carl Perkins, Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, KD Lang, and even The Thompson Twins.